Our Homeschooling Ethos

The Enjoy Education approach and why it’s important for the success of your child

We are committed to nurturing a lifelong passion for learning. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to make education enjoyable, ensuring that your child stays engaged and enthusiastic throughout their academic journey.

Our Approach Our Founder’s Story

The decision to homeschool  can be driven by many factors…

Unlocking Boundless  Potential

Every child is unique, and we understand that there are a variety of reasons why families choose homeschooling. Please know that there’s no judgment here—we’ve listened and tailored to a diverse range of experiences before.

Whether your family needs a break from traditional schooling or your child requires expert support with their Special Educational Needs, we guarantee a quality education specifically tailored to them.

Tailored  learning for every individual

Some families seek top academic achievements, while others aim to balance education with professional pursuits in sports, drama, or the arts. Our mission is to support each child’s individual growth and success, fostering an environment where they can flourish at their own pace.

You can start your homeschooling journey at any point during the academic year. There’s no need to worry about being confined to a ‘right’ time, our approach is flexible and we’re ready to welcome you whenever you’re ready to start.

The Enjoy Approach

Whether for a limited period or long term, our approach has 5 key steps:

Step One

Initial Consultation

We take the time to build an in-depth picture of the circumstances surrounding your choice so we can build a programme that supports your child’s development in every area of their education.

Step Two

Defining Success

Together we agree on clear and achievable goals to create a positive framework for learning.

Step Three

Programme Design

We hand-pick the tutors best suited to the needs of you and your child. We also coordinate with relevant experts and incorporate fun, stimulating extra-curricular activities to ensure a well-balanced learning experience.

Step Four

Ongoing Support

Throughout your journey, our homeschooling team and in-house tutors will provide continual programme coordination, education consultancy and tutor management to ensure everything runs smoothly. All our programmes have a dedicated in-house Programme Manager and Director of Studies, so you know your child is well taken care of.

Step Five

Beyond the Enjoy School

When your child reaches the end of their homeschooling, we create a strategy to find their next step.

As a homeschooler, I am not confined to a classroom. I’m encouraged to explore. ”

Jahan, London

Our homeschooling students
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The decision to homeschool is driven by many factors

We cater to every need of each individual student – no education programme is the same, because no two students are the same.

Mental & Physical Health

We guide your child's gradual return to education, filling learning gaps and rebuilding their confidence for a smooth transition back to school. Collaborating with health professionals, we help students see their strengths and work through education challenges.

Learning Needs (SEN)

Everyone is different, and we love that. Working with specialist SEN tutors, we take time to understand your child’s needs and put practical plans in place for your child to thrive.


Our ASD and ADHD homeschooling pathway has been honed in collaboration with industry experts to ensure every student can love learning and receive a truly personalised learning experience.

School Issues

We support your child's return to education after challenges, focusing on strengths and tailoring a plan to their needs. Our dedicated tutors inspire passion, rebuild trust, and ensure a smooth transition back to school.

Young Talent

We provide a flexible and location-independent education for exceptionally gifted children. Our personalised approach also includes support for successful university applications in Sports and Art pathways around the world, assisting young professionals in achieving their dream life.

Travel & Homeschool

Blend travel with education seamlessly through personalised programmes that work around your family’s lifestyle. Whether online or with a residential tutor, our tailored Travel and Homeschool pathway provides on-location learning experiences beyond the standard curriculum.

Resits & Extra Subjects

We provide children the opportunity to explore diverse subjects beyond their school curriculum and offer a second chance to achieve required grades in GSCE or A Levels. Our tailored programmes address learning gaps and help children build routine, structure, and accountability.

Frequently asked questions

What is the law for homeschooling?

In the UK it is totally legal to homeschool your child. To start homeschooling you need to let your school know you are taking your child out of school. Some countries and US states do have more strict homeschooling regulations, so we recommend you check your local goverment website.

How many hours of homeschooling is required?

We work with your family to determine the right balance of one-to-one tuition so that your child receives a full education and meets their goals. Whether your child prefers to start with a smaller schedule and gradually expand their program or dive straight into intensive learning, we adapt our approach to accommodate their preferences and pace.

How do I apply for homeschooling?

There is no application process or minimum grades at Enjoy Education. Please give us a call and we will spend time getting to know you and your child’s situation.

We don't live in London. Can you still homeschool my child?

We homeschool students around the globe. Either we can provide a full online homeschooling programme or organise for a residential tutor (or team of residential tutors) to work at your home outside of the UK.

What subjects can my child study?

If you name it, we can make it happen. We’ve had students learn fencing, skateboarding, drone flying, professional video editing, dress-making, photography…. the possibilities are endless! For GCSEs and A Levels, most subjects are available and we can advise you on the best syllabuses to pick.

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