We understand the stress that comes with being asked to leave or expelled from school, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and uncertain about the next steps. We help you regain control of the situation and create a positive pathway back to education. There’s not much we haven’t seen or heard before. Education doesn’t have to stop because of one wrong step, we firmly believe your child can achieve their educational goals.

We get to know your family and create a ‘next steps’ plan that feels realistic. We address any learning gaps that may have occurred, reintroduce routine and structure, and provide dedicated tutors to support your child. Our tutors inspire their students, reignite their passion for learning and work to rebuild their trust in education. Taking on a mentor role, they’re invested in your child’s future and show them that someone believes in them and wants them to succeed.

When the time comes for your child to return to school, we offer advice on the best fit for them. We also collaborate with their new school, providing support during their transition back into the classroom.

Whether you’re in the thick of process right now, or your child has already been expelled, we’re here to support you and your child and get them back on track.

Why it is a great option

Time to adjust

When your child is expelled, it can feel like you need to make quick decision, after quick decision. Homeschooling gives you the breathing space to make the right decisions for the long-term.

Mentors for life

Building long-lasting, trusted relationships is a cornerstone of our programmes. Tutors become life-long mentors, who guide students beyond their immediate hurdles.

School collaboration and advice

Communication is key to Enjoy homeschooling. We work closely with parents and teachers to ensure a seamless transition both in and out of school.

Frequently asked questions

Is it possible for my child to complete their qualifications they've already started?

Yes, this is very typically the case. On the rare occasion your child is studying a syllabus or subject that can’t be entered as a homeschooled student, we will carefully consult with you on the possible options so they can complete their qualifications.

Does my child need certain grades to homeschool with Enjoy?

No, we do not have specific grade requirements. At the start of the programme we will assess your child and set realistic goals within the timeframe available.

Can we start homeschooling at any time in the year?

Yes, programmes can start at any time of the year and any time in the term. If your child is nearing their national exams, we will consult with you on a realistic and achievable programme timeline and start date.

From where we were when we first met to today is a different world and you, Kate and all at Enjoy Education have been a huge part of James being able to make his next step with his peer group and without baggage. We will be forever grateful for the support and guidance. Team Enjoy Education have been a saving grace for James and us. ”

Mother of Year 12 student expelled from school

I want to express how much I appreciate all of the extra effort that you’ve put in, and all of the extra compassion and care that you’ve shown towards me during my journey with you. I really didn’t think I was clever (and for good reason, it’s what I’d always been told) but now I feel like I’ve come to see my own potential, which is a really big thing for a growing teen. I’ve struggled to find the right words to convey my gratitude. ”

Year 13 Homeschooling Student

Homeschooling gave me a tailor-made approach to learning, which helped me gain a greater understanding of my subjects. I found that I was performing far better and I felt that I truly reached my potential. It helped with my exam results and allowed me to study at a top University. ”

Year 13 Homeschooling Student

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