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“The Oxbridge admissions process is one of the most competitive in the world.”

These prestigious universities set themselves apart with their unique requirements and standards. Our team of Oxbridge admissions experts, deeply immersed in the culture and intricacies of these institutions, is here to empower you to simplify the process and elevate your application.

How we support your Oxbridge Application

Personalised College Selection

Unveil the secrets of Oxbridge college culture. Each college has its own distinct character and ethos, and our advisors offer firsthand insights to help you decide the most suitable option.

Applications Masterclass

Elevate your UCAS statement and extended essays with authenticity and impact. With our guidance, you’ll articulate your exceptional potential and leave an indelible impression on admissions committees.

Ace the Interview & Tests

Leave nothing to chance. Our network of Oxbridge tutors, masters in their fields, provide insider knowledge and rigorous practice to ensure you confidently conquer interviews and entrance tests.

Proven Track Record

Join the ranks of countless success stories. For over a decade, students like you have secured placements at their dream Oxbridge colleges with our unwavering support.

I am very happy and relieved to tell you that Tilly received the grades she needed and Trinity College, Cambridge has confirmed her place to read HSPS. Tilly and I are over the moon about it. ”

Mother of Year 13 Cambridge Application Student

I am still tingling. Ibrahim got A* in both maths and chemistry. He is Oxford bound, to the glory of God. Team Enjoy Education, thank you for the excellent support over the years. ”

Mother of Natural Sciences Applicant for Oxford University

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Oxbridge Admissions
Frequently asked questions

Can you help us pick which course to apply to?

Yes. Oxford and Cambridge have a huge range of undergraduate and post-graduate courses and our advisors will help you pick the best match for you. They will learn about your interests and future goals and curate a bespoke list of courses.

How do you help with Oxbridge entrance exams?

We will introduce you to specialist tutors who can offer tuition for the CAT, HAT, ENGAA, LNAT, MAT, MLAT, PAT, TSA, TMUA, UCAT and NSAA.

Can you help my teen with interview preparation?

Yes, our specialist Interview Preparation tutors and University advisors offer interview coaching and formal mock interviews.

Which is better Oxford or Cambridge?

The eternal debate! It’s a tough call. Our Founder, Kate Shand, may lean towards Oxford (having studied English Literature there), but we can’t deny the allure of Cambridge Blue. In all seriousness, both universities have their unique strengths, and the choice depends on various factors (we won’t base it who has won more boat races). We’d love to delve into the nuances with you. Feel free to give us a call. And just a reminder, you can only apply to either Oxford or Cambridge (not both!)

How can I make my Oxbridge application stand out?

We recommend that you take time to read and work around the subject you are interested in so you can demonstrate knowledge of your subject outside of what you learn at school. Most importantly, Oxford and Cambridge are looking for students who can apply logic and analysis to concepts. If you need support with your critical thinking skills, please get in touch.