We firmly believe that homeschooling is not just about overcoming challenges but unlocking the full potential of each student.

Working one-on-one, our experts notice who your child is in a way that isn’t possible in a bigger classroom. Our SEN pathway programmes are designed to harness your child’s strengths and help them build an educational toolbox to succeed in their future learning.

We work with your family to set realistic goals and decide what area of their learning needs additional support. That might mean stripping back timetables to focus on the core subjects, a specialist tutor team, study skills mentors, personalised exam recommendations or working closely with our Head of Learning Development.

Catering for students with dyslexia, dyscalculia, dyspraxia, and speech and processing needs, we design bespoke programmes to pave the way for their individual journey of accomplishment.

Why homeschooling can be a great option for SEN

One to one attention

Our tutors don’t just teach, they inspire students and get them excited to learn. They’re invested in their future.

Exams at your own pace

Our Education Consultants will find the best exam board, syllabus, and exam date for your child.

An expert SEN team

We will handpick homeschooling tutors for your family who have experience working with children with SEN. Approximately 60% of our students have some form of SEN and our tutors are highly experienced in this area.

I connect, more truthfully and fully than I can imagine. I learn through the lens of life. ”

Rose, homeschooling student

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Frequently asked questions

We think our child has SEN but not been diagnosed, can you help with the diagnosis process?

Yes, we work with an expert network of SEN specialists including Educational Psychologists, dyslexia specialists and diagnosing psychiatrists. We’d be happy to recommend people to speak to.

If we homeschool, will my child still get extra time/access arrangements?

Yes. We work with trusted exam centres and will work to ensure your child’s existing access arrangements are met at their new exam centre.

How many GCSEs does my child need to take?

There is no legal minimum number of GCSEs a child needs to take. Should your child wish to move onto university in the future, we recommend they study a minimum of 5 GCSEs with English Language and Maths as two of those GCSES. Some of our students study up to 9/10/11 GCSEs if they want to!

Do you provide support for students with EHCPs?

Yes we do, where your EHCP stipulates that tuition is part of your personalised plan. We can either coordinate with your family as the main point of contact or your local council to understand the scope and requirements of your EHCP.

Jessie has been offered a Drama and Music Senior Scholarship. We are obviously delighted. Ellen and I wanted to thank you all for all your efforts and enthusiasm. Jessie was not in a great place in January but we all feel she is has developed and grown enormously over the last few months. Phoebe’s infectious enthusiasm has been a huge part of Jessie’s success and development. We are all looking forward to a brighter future. ”

Parents of Year 9 Homeschooling Student

This is the first and only Tutor Agency we have found who has understood the needs of our child and has been able to provide tutors capable of supporting him. Would recommend without hesitation. ”

Parent of 14 year old student

The team at Enjoy Education have been of vital support to us this past year. We couldn’t be more grateful. They are supremely skilled at devising a full timetable for all age groups, and crucially within a short space of time. Their overall expertise at selecting the best, suitable and most importantly highly qualified tutors for their students are second to none. We thank you all for your dedication and on going support. ”

Parent of Year 9 student

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