One-to-one support

From struggling to thriving

We work to understand your child’s unique learning style, strengths and areas of development and build a positive attitude towards learning.

  • Our Learning Support Assistants create a supportive environment where your child can ask questions, seek clarification, and grow their knowledge with confidence.
  • We join forces with your school to ensure there is a joined up approach to your child’s learning.
  • We believe in keeping parents informed every step of the way. You’ll receive regular updates on your child’s progress and have open lines of communication with our team for any questions or concerns.

How private LSAs can help your child…


Academic SEN support
Our LSAs can assist your child to overcome the distractions and challenges of the classroom, stay focused, adapt learning materials, explain concepts in alternative ways and work closely with the SENCO to meet your child’s learning needs.


Behavioural support
Our LSAs work with your child to help them navigate social interactions, enjoy break times, stick to their routines, happily interact with friends and take vital rest breaks. This is especially helpful during challenging family periods, examinations, or a change in school.


Wellbeing support
Our LSAs are a helping hand to gradually support your child back into school after a period away. LSAs can help those who are facing emotionally based school avoidance (EBSA), reducing and removing barriers that cause your child anxiety and help them regulate emotionally.

Private TA & LSA


Explore the best of both worlds…

We understand that every student thrives in different environments. That’s why we also offer a unique blend of traditional schooling and home-based learning.

Imagine your child spending mornings at school, interacting with peers and their teachers. Then, picture afternoons at home with a tutor, where they can consolidate their learning or dive into exciting projects that ignite their passions.

Our flexi-schooling pathway provides students with the space and personalised attention they need to excel academically and creatively. If this sounds like the right fit for your child, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Education Consultants today. Let’s discuss how this innovative model can be tailored to meet the needs of your family and school community.

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Private Learning Support
Frequently asked questions

What is a private TA or LSA?

A private Teaching Assistant (TA) or Learning Support Assistant (LSA) will offer personalised support in the classroom and after-school if needed. They will reinforce learning concepts, assist with study skills development, behaviour management, and socialisation.

Have you placed LSAs in schools before?

We have been placing private LSAs in top London schools for many years. We have extensive experience of liaising with parents, schools and local authorities on the required documentation, expertise and timetable scheduling.

Can you coordinate with our school about our private LSA?

Yes, we are happy to work directly with your school to place a private LSA into your child’s classroom. All our tutors are Enhanced DBS checked and have the right to work in the UK. We have extensive experience of the placement procedures schools require for the placement of private teaching assistants in their schools.

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