Education is so tightly woven with a child’s mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. If any of these are out of balance, we understand how difficult navigating school, exams, and life can be.

With 10 years of experience specialising in this area, we have designed a homeschooling pathway for students facing mental and physical health challenges. We collaborate with a network of trusted professionals to ensure that our educational programmes align seamlessly with mental and physical health recovery plans so your child can get all the help they need, both in and out of the classroom.

Our team of experienced consultants design a personalised learning plan and pull together an expert tutor team to get your child back on their ‘educational feet’. By steadily introducing structure, goals and motivating mentors, students benefit from a sense of growth, possibility, and success. Every student’s journey back into education is unique, and we’re committed to making it a welcoming and supportive adventure.

Why it is a great option

Structure when structure seems impossible

We have found that maintaining a level of structure in education significantly benefits our students’ recovery plans. We work with your family to create an achievable and realistic timetable for your child.

Our programmes are responsive

No programme is perfectly linear. We know some children will hit new bumps in their pathway. We work closely with your family to flex and adapt their programme in response.

Integrated with professionals

We link up with your child’s health professionals to ensure all the educational decisions are appropriate to a student’s health progress.

I saw [Rose] really begin to flourish as a human being. That is something that I am really grateful that we had the chance to do. ”

Ruth, Mother of Rose (Year 11 Homeschooling Student)

Ruth's parent story
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Frequently asked questions

My child has been out of school for more than a term, can they homeschool with you?

Yes, absolutely. Enjoy and your tutor team will work with your child and school to understand what content has been missed and identify any learning gaps. If your child has been out of education for a long time, we will start slow and build momentum as they settle into the programme.

Does my child need certain grades to homeschool with Enjoy?

No. We do not have any minimum grade requirements. We listen and understand the challenges your child has faced and build personalised learning goals. We offer guidance at every turn and never judge.

Does my child have to follow the UK National Curriculum?

No! We can design an entirely bespoke timetable and curriculum for your child. For example, if they love art, we can create a timetable focused on their passion for art. Where appropriate for the student, we do recommend that English, Maths and some Science is incorporated into the timetable for seamless return to school.

How many GCSEs does my child need to take?

There is no legal minimum number of GCSEs a child needs to take. Should your child wish to move onto university in the future, we recommend they study a minimum of 5 GCSEs with English Language and Maths as two of those GCSES. Some of our students study up to 9/10/11 GCSEs if they want to!

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