Laying foundations: Age 5 to Age 11

Thrive in the core subjects

We offer comprehensive support in key subjects such as English, Maths, Reasoning and Science to ensure that your child not only meets but exceeds school expectations.

Ignite a passion for learning

For those who are eager for a challenge, our enrichment programmes go beyond the standard curriculum, igniting a passion for learning and exploration. Whether it's delving deeper into a subject they love or discovering new interests, our tutors inspire and engage young minds.

Bespoke SEN support

For students with Special Educational Needs (SEN), our experienced tutors provide tailored support, addressing individual learning needs with patience and expertise. We believe that every child deserves the opportunity to thrive.

Age 5 to Age 11

A compass for personalised learning:

We believe in the power of data-driven insights to guide our approach. That’s why we offer comprehensive academic assessments to all year groups to pinpoint each student’s strengths and areas for growth. These assessments provide valuable insights into your child’s learning profile, allowing us to tailor the tuition programme. Whether it’s identifying gaps in understanding, assessing progress, or tracking milestones, our assessments serve as a roadmap for personalised learning journeys.

Tackling the 7+, 8+, 11+ or ISEB Pre-test

Reception to Year 6
Frequently asked questions

What age do you start tuition?

We can start tuition from any age, so long as we feel it is the right decision for that child. For example, we will help a child of 3 years old develop their English language when they have just moved to the UK.

How much is a primary tutor per hour?

Tuition at this level starts from 89 GBP per hour. This can vary depending on the experience and qualifications of the tutor. All hourly rates are inclusive of VAT.

How long does each tuition session last?

Lessons are a minimum of 1 hour when they take place in person. Some flexibility can be arranged with online sessions. Breaks can incorporated if needed.

We think our child might have learning differences, can you help us navigate this?

Yes, we can help. We work with an incredible network of learning needs and SEN professionals and support you with the diagnosis journey and with tailored tuition.

My child is really interested in an extra-curricular activity, can you help?

We love organising extra-curricular tuition. Whether it is art, drama, music, sport, or a unique hobby we will have the ideal tutor for you. We have curated truly extraordinary experiences in various locations around the world, adding a unique dimension to your learning journey.

     We’re here to

help and ready to talk

Whether you would like advice on how to structure your children’s home education, require the support of tutors, or simply have questions, our team are ready and waiting to take your calls and answer your emails.