Primary School Entrance Exams: Our dual approach

Empowering children on the journey

  • Expert Tutor Matching: We carefully pair your child with a tutor who is trained to build strengths and address potential learning challenges.
  • Flexible Programmes: Whether your child needs a comprehensive two-year support programme or short-term intensive sessions, we tailor our approach to meet their unique requirements.

Empowering parents on the journey

  • Comprehensive Guidance: We offer comprehensive support to parents navigating the entrance exam process and demystify the process.
  • School Selection Assistance: Our network of school advisors helps you understand different schools’ philosophies and approaches, a crucial first-step to ensure a successful application.
  • Confidence in School Choice: With our guidance, discover the perfect school that aligns with your child’s academic, social, and emotional needs, providing them with the ideal environment for growth and success.

Entrance Exams
Frequently asked questions

Can you assess my child to see what their level is?

We offer formal academic assessments in our offices or online. Tutors can also informally benchmark your child and their current working level.

When should we start preparing for the 7+ or 11+?

Typically students start around 1 year before their exams i.e. September of Year 5 before exams in Autumn of Year 6. This does vary depending on a child’s level, needs and study skills and so we’d recommend arranging an Enjoy academic assessment at the start of tuition.

What subjects do we need to prepare for 7+, 11+ and ISEB Pre-test?

The subjects required for entrance exams does vary depending on the school but it is typically a variation on English, Maths, Verbal and Non-Verbal reasoning. This is often followed by an interview day.

I am not from the UK and am new to the entrance exam process, can you guide me?

We are experienced in supporting students applying to the UK from across the globe. Whether you are based in Switzerland, Dubai, the Bahamas or Hong Kong, we can guide you every step of the way.

Can we organise online tuition?

Yes, we work with specialised online entrance exam tutors. They use the best online technology to create engaging one to one lessons.

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help and ready to talk

Whether you would like advice on how to structure your children’s home education, require the support of tutors, or simply have questions, our team are ready and waiting to take your calls and answer your emails.

David did extremely well and received offers from all the schools he applied for (Westminster, St Paul’s, Sussex House, Kings and Wetherby). So thank you for your help in getting us this far. We have chosen Westminster Under. ”

Mother, 7+ Entry

I am pleased to report that Clemmie has been offered a place with an scholarship at St Mary’s Ascot, and a place at Wycombe Abbey. She was awarded A*s in the 11+ CE – for the Science result we have to give credit to our Science tutor Mr Duncan who did a fantastic job filling in a number of gaps left by her current school and, most importantly, boosting Clemmie’s confidence in the subject. ”

Mother, 11+ Scholarship

Just to let you know that we heard back today from Cheltenham and Lizzie has been offered a place. I have dropped Emily a line as her sessions were invaluable preparation. Thank you for your assistance with her tuition programme and great that it achieved a positive result. ”

Mother, 11+ Entry

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