How we can help you whilst at university

  • In large lecture halls, it can be challenging for professors to address individual learning needs. Private tutors bridge this gap by providing one-on-one assistance, ensuring that students grasp complex concepts and receive targeted help on specific challenges.
  • Our tutors offer flexibility, allowing students to schedule sessions around their lectures, seminars, internships, extracurricular activities, and other commitments. This ensures learning fits seamlessly into student life, promoting a balanced approach to academics and personal life.
  • Our support doesn’t end when you graduate. Even after you’ve obtained your degree, we continue to offer our help and guidance, including help with the next steps and a variety of learning options for adults.

University Services

Our tutors ensure students master their coursework, offering targeted assistance to overcome challenges so they can make the most of their university education.

Study Skills Mentors

Study skills mentors help students with skills that are essential for university (and beyond) such as organisation, timekeeping, essay skills, referencing and meeting deadlines.

Dissertation and Thesis Mentors

Your dissertation or thesis is the biggest piece of work you will undertake to get your degree. We have specialised mentors who will help you every step of the way, so you can create a piece of work you can be proud of for years to come.

University Admissions

Navigating the university application journey can feel overwhelming and stressful. We aim to simplify this process for you and assist in crafting an application that shines.

Oxbridge admissions

Our experienced Oxbridge advisors have supported students for over a decade, guiding many to successful entry into their preferred colleges in the competitive admissions process.

Beyond university

Education doesn’t stop once you’ve got your degree. We support lifelong learning by providing a wide range of learning opportunities for adults, covering a broad spectrum of ages and interests.

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Frequently asked questions

Will the tutor be an expert in my subject?

We ensure that you are paired with a tutor who holds a degree in your subject or has specialised in that area during their own education or career.

How quickly can you find me a tutor?

We will typically find a tutor to recommend to you within 48 hours. For more niche requests or specialised modules our search may take a little longer as we are committed to ensuring you are working with the best tutors in your chosen subject.

Do you help with postgraduate tuition?

Yes, we offer assistance with postgraduate tuition. Tutors can cover course content, coursework, thesis preparation, and exam preparation.

Can you help me with life beyond university, such as CVs and job applications?

Certainly! We offer comprehensive guidance for navigating life beyond university. Our tutors provide expert advice on various aspects, including CV building, graduate scheme applications, cover letter writing, and interview preparation.

I can't do the work myself, will your tutors be able to complete the work for me?

This is not a service we offer. As founding members of the Tutors’ Association (TA), our tutors only provide support in line with the TA’s Code of Practice. Tutors will not engage in or assist in any form of plagiarism. Our University-level tutors can offer guidance on essay writing, assist in research approaches, and provide mentorship, motivation, and study guidance. However, they will not write work on behalf of students.

Isla is thrilled to have been awarded a First from Edinburgh as well as the First for her dissertation. Isla is incredibly grateful for Georgia’s tutoring, knowledge and support this year and as you can imagine is absolutely delighted! ”

Parent, Edinburgh Graduate

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