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Enjoy Education is London’s award-winning private tuition and schools advisory company, providing families with expert educational advice and learning support.

We understand the huge investment that parents make both emotionally and financially in their children’s education and we are here to guide you through every step from nursery to university and beyond.

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Summer Holidays 29/08/18 12:00 am - 31/08/18 12:00 am

11+ Back to School Booster Course

For pupils starting in Year 6 in September, we recommend our popular 'Back to School Booster' course and Practice...
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October half term and early December

7+ and 8+ Practice Exams

We run three Practice exam sessions in the Autumn term to ensure that your child has the full experience...
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Summer holidays, October half term and early December 31/08/18 9:30 am - 08/12/18 12:00 pm

11+ Practice Exams

We run three Practice Exam sessions in the Autumn term to ensure that your child has the full experience...
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October half term 22/01/18 12:00 pm - 23/01/18 5:00 pm

Interview Workshop

The Interview Workshop has been structured to boost your child’s confidence and ensure that he/she is fully prepared for...
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16/02/2018 Insight

A Picture of Health? Mental Health Issues in Children

We are supporting a growing number of students with periods of home-schooling whilst they work to overcome different mental...
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18/01/2018 Insight

Brain Games to Boost Memory Skills

Brain Games to Boost Memory Skills and Promote Our Children’s Success (more…)
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05/01/2018 Insight

Home-schooling: A journey back to school

Bella Audsley explores the rising trend of home-schooling and its place in the school system. "All students are unique individuals...
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  • I was really impressed with how quickly you got a programme up and running…I can’t imagine anyone who could match the quality of your organisation. It is truly the best of its kind.
    — A parent whose son was home-schooled for 3 months before returning to the UK.
  • I would recommend Enjoy Education unreservedly; particularly in supporting exam technique
    — Clare, Parent
  • Thank you so much for your email, so so pleased Rosie managed to get AAA! What a relief! She could not have done it without Enjoy Education. Thank you so much for everything and we will definitely be in contact when my youngest gets to GCSEs and A levels
    — Jane, Parent
  • I just wanted to say that what you have done for Harry in 3 hours is utterly astonishing.
    From the bottom of my heart thank you very much. The preparation technique for essays you taught him seem to be working and he appears so much more confident.
    — Selina, Parent
  • Douglas is so very grateful to Khalid for his input. I spoke with Douglas last night and for the first time in more than a month, he is experiencing hope. Thank you Khalid and thank you Beatrice for pushing the extra mile to bring us together.
    — Carol, Parent
  • Really thrilled with how things are going, we couldn’t have asked for better. In fact, all the tutors you have ever supplied, we have had no fault with any of them.
    — Emily, Parent
  • An undeniably wondrous experience from start to finish with Enjoy Education...Doors we thought closed were miraculously opened, giving our children opportunities we never thought possible on such short notice. Bottom line, my wife & I wholeheartedly applaud the overall effort of Enjoy Education & would 100% recommend their services to anyone in need of consultation.
    — David, Parent. Our schools advisory team supported his family's move to the UK from America.
  • My son got an A* with 100% in his English GCSE - the best grade in his class! Thank you for all your help.
    — Mark, Parent