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Insight 27th February, 2015

Get your creative juices flowing!

Creative Writing Tasks and Tips

by Marieke Audsley

As with all things, practice makes perfect and although some people think they can either write or they can’t, this isn’t true and if you write lots of stories you will get better, I promise!

If you’re sitting school entrance exams soon, or even if you aren’t and you just want to improve your creative writing, then have a go at some of the tasks in the list below. Ideally you should write your piece in 45 minutes and aim to write about one to two A4 pages.

Remember to plan the structure of your plot carefully, use lots of exciting vocabulary and vivid descriptions and check through your work at the end to make sure your spelling and punctuation is accurate.

For extra marks include some similes, metaphors, a bit of personification, alliteration and onomatopoeia!


Write a story that includes the words:

-‘I’ll never let that happen again’
-‘I landed on my little toe’

-‘I’ll never forget the three days we spent together on the mountain’
-‘How on earth did he do that?’
-‘And that is why you should never feed chocolate to a llama’
-‘It took me a minute before I understood what was in front of me’
-‘I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry’
-‘The only thing I could do was hide under the table and keep quiet’
-‘How dare you?’
-‘And that is why Uncle Victor was never invited to tea again’

Write a story with one of the following titles:

-The Bookshop
-The Recipe
-The Hunt
-An Epic Journey
-Leaving Home
-Getting Away With It
-The Scapegoat
-The Letter That Changed My Life
-The Mysterious Box
-The Lady who Lives in the Pink Cottage

For more tips and title ideas visit Good luck!

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