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Insight News 3rd August, 2020

Learning From Home – Art and Design

Does your child have a love of art?

While staying engaged with school is important, we know children need to have some time to unwind and relax.

In today’s Subject and Skills newsletter, we’re sharing some Art and Design ideas: these activities can make sure children take a break from straight academics, but also can keep them busy and using their time constructively!

Here are some artistic activities you can do from home…

Spring has sprung and the flowers are blooming: if you’re feeling artistic, paint a pot, then plant a flower and watch it grow! All you’ll need: paintbrushes, a pot of water, a small plant pot, and brightly coloured paints!

If your children like drawing, we would love to introduce them to an art tutor who can help feed their passion! A tutor could work with them on creating an artistic magazine that helps them realise their interest as something tangible!

Here is a great bonding activity that your children can do with a friend on Facetime or Zoom. Organise with a friend a time to meet and make sure you both have: 4 different colours of thread, scissors and SellotapeThen, you can follow these simple instructions to make a friendship bracelet

We have all been very busy transforming different parts of our homes from living spaces into office spaces. Now it’s time to let your children have a go (with some help of course!)… You don’t need much more than a table, chairs, some cushions, and a sheet.
Let your children’s budding architectural skills shine through as they build their very own den!

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.’

Pablo Picasso


Have you got some old family photo albums gathering dust in a draw somewhere? Now is the perfect opportunity to get them out and go through them with your children, re-arranging and adding to them! Now might also be a wonderful time to print off some digital photos to add to a new album too!


There are a huge number of resources out there to make home-learning more efficient and entertaining. Here are some suggestions you might like to take a look at today:

Take a turn around the TATE!

TATE Kids has an excellent range of activities and crafts to keep kids entertained at home, as well as quizzes and games too!

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Start a new art project!

Free online art resources for a range of levels

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Tour the National Gallery!

Explore and learn about the National Gallery’s huge collection of portraits, paintings and other works of arts.

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