Adjusting to University Life: Our top tips

3rd November, 2023

Private Tuition specialist Freya shares her advice for settling in and making the most of your studies.

The transition from school to university life can be one of the most exciting steps you take in your academic career, but it may also come with adjustment challenges. To support you through this journey, we have compiled a few of our top tips to help you make the most of your academic experience at university:

Master Time Management and Your Study Routine

Time management is not only a key skill at university, but one that is highly transferable to everyday life.

If you’re someone who struggles with time management and organisation, then we recommend investing in a planner or digital calendar to track assignments, deadlines, and class schedules. Create a study schedule that allocates dedicated time for each course, ensuring you maintain a balanced workload.

Try to establish a consistent study routine that aligns with your natural productivity patterns. Identify your most productive times of day and allocate those hours for focused study sessions. If you’re guilty of procrastination, then try to avoid this by setting specific goals and breaking down your tasks into manageable chunks.

Do strong time management and organisational skills come easily to you? They are difficult skills to master, so if you are someone who struggles with this then you do not need to suffer in silence. Why not speak to one of our Academic Coaches? They can not only help you build core skills that will set you up for success in your academics but also as a lifelong learner.

Attend Classes Regularly and Participate Actively

Attending classes is crucial for not only understanding the material but also for building a strong social connection with your professors and peers. Forming relationships with our classmates means that you have a support network of people who can hold each other accountable to deadlines and note sharing. You could even form a study group if you’re someone who benefits from collaborative learning.

Don’t be afraid to engage actively in class discussions and ask questions. Active participation not only helps you grasp concepts better but also showcases your commitment to the subject matter, which will not go unnoticed by your professors.

Developing the confidence to communicate your point in a clear and concise manner can be difficult at first, especially in unfamiliar settings. If this is a skill you would like to develop, we’re here to support you with voice and confidence coaches to get where you would like to be.

Beyond university, many students find one-on-one time with our voice and confidence specialists vital to prepare for job interviews and presentations, providing you with invaluable tips and tricks that you will take with you through your entire career.

Seek Help Early

Don’t hesitate to seek help if you’re struggling with coursework. Addressing academic challenges promptly can prevent them from becoming overwhelming. There are a wealth of people on hand to assist you, including Professors, academic advisors and your peers. If you’re struggling to get the level of one-to-one support needed, our university specialists at Enjoy Education are on hand to fill in this gap.

We work with the most knowledgeable and experienced university-level tutors across the UK. No matter what course you’re studying – we have an expert who can help!

Prioritise Self-Care and Enjoy-ment!

While academics are important, it’s equally vital to take care of your physical and mental health. Ensure you get adequate sleep, eat nutritious meals, and engage in regular physical activity. You would be surprised how interlinked these external factors are to your academic progress.

Soak up everything university has to offer, socially and culturally. Make sure to work hard, but allow yourself some time to take breaks and have fun! University is a unique opportunity to experience new things and meet new people, so use your free time to your advantage and make the most of the next few years. Managing a good balance between academics and extracurriculars will ensure that you are well-prepared to thrive in all aspects of university life.

Want to make the most of your university experience? We’re here to help! Get in touch to learn more about we can support your university journey, from first year to final year and beyond.