Embracing Science: A Journey of Passion and Purpose

9th February, 2024

Commemorating International Women and Girls in Science Day, Sarah shares her journey from Clinical Physiologist to Tutor.

The discovery of our passions often comes from unexpected places. I used to dread Science and Maths during my school days, dreaming of dropping them altogether. But something changed when I hit my mid-teens. It wasn’t until GCSEs that I found myself drawn to the mysteries of the human body and its inner workings – what on earth is going on inside us, and why?

Suddenly, Science became fascinating.

Choosing a path can be daunting, but I followed my interests. With A Levels in Biology, Chemistry, and Geography, I dreamed of being a Geologist, but instead ended up blending my love for activity with science by pursuing a degree in Sports Science. Despite early aspirations of working as a Sports Massage Therapist, a pivotal moment changed my trajectory. A spine injury during my final year of university led me on a journey of recovery and self-reflection, ultimately making me realise that my true calling lay in Physiology – the intricate study of our body’s functions.

Joining Nuffield Health as a Wellbeing Clinical Physiologist opened doors which I could never have imagined existing before. Through managing health conditions and empowering individuals to take charge of their well-being, I found profound fulfilment. From mastering Phlebotomy to coaching clients on lifestyle management, I found joy in simplifying medical complexities for others.

But it was the birth of my first child that opened a new chapter entirely for me. In my return to the workforce, I stumbled upon tutoring, which reignited my passion for education. What began as a two-hour-a-week commitment blossomed into a full-fledged career. Witnessing students’ “aha” moments fuelled my drive. Each milestone I’ve passed over the years has confirmed that I’m on the right path: contributing positively to the learning of others.

My journey from Clinical Physiologist to Tutor has been one of self-discovery and purpose. Through tutoring, I’ve found not only a way to share my expertise but also a renewed sense of fulfilment. To anyone at a career crossroads, I say: embrace the unexpected. Explore new paths, seize opportunities for growth, and never underestimate the power of your passions. Who knows? You might just find your true calling where you least expect it to be.

As for my love of Geology, it lives on in my collection of rocks and gems—a reminder of the diverse paths our passions can take us on.



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