Writing your Application: What is a UCAS Mentor?

29th August, 2023

Navigating the UCAS process can feel a little complicated, especially for those students who haven’t had siblings go through it before them!

From setting up a profile on the UCAS hub, through to writing a personal statement and getting references, confidently submitting an excellent application can feel like a challenge to balance with getting to grips with your A Levels.

If you or your teenager is preparing a UCAS application, Enjoy Education is here to help! Our specialist UCAS Mentors are on hand to help you put your best foot forward and feel positive as you take this exciting new step.

What can UCAS Mentors support me with?

Choosing a University course

Our UCAS Mentors work with students across a period of time to help them determine which course and university is right for them, taking into account their interests, career aspirations and academic achievements.

Each university teaches their subjects differently; for example, Economics may be taught more mathematically at one university, but more theoretically at another. Many of our students find working with a UCAS Mentor helpful to truly get to the bottom of the type of course they want to study, and benefit from their knowledge of university level teaching.

Keeping on top of deadlines

It sounds simple, but with so many steps to complete, it’s vital to keep on top of UCAS deadlines. Lots of our students have found their UCAS Mentor vital to their efforts to keep them on track and avoid any last minute rush!

Personal Statement

Our specialist UCAS Mentors are on hand to support students through the notorious personal statement.

This is often the first time that students have needed to embark on a piece of independent work, with the added difficulty of writing about themselves. By working with the students for a period of time, our UCAS Mentors get to understand the students’ talents and interests on a deep level, and can support them to write detailed, accurate and compelling personal statements that encompass the best parts of their personalities.

Academic Reference

While it is usually your teacher who will complete your reference, your UCAS Mentor may also be eligible to write an academic reference for you, depending on the amount of time you have worked with them.

Preparing for Interview

For Oxbridge students or where a university requires an interview, our Mentors are on hand to support you to put your best foot forward. Through specialist coaching and practice interviews, our UCAS Mentors support our students to feel confident in the kind of questions you’ll be asked and ready to take on the challenge!