7+, 8+ and Entrance Exam preparation with Enjoy Education

Why Enjoy Education’s Tutors ?

13 years supporting students to achieve their potential at 7+, 8+ and beyond

Dedicated entrance exam client services team who are available to help guide you through each stage of the process and answer any questions you may have.

Our unrivalled network of tutors are experienced in supporting students who are preparing for entrance exams;

  • up-to-date, expert knowledge of the 7+ and 8+ exam requirements
  • interviewed in-person by the Enjoy Education team and carefully screened
  • worked with students who have a variety of learning needs

With hourly 7+ & 8+ tuition rates starting from 69 GBP per hour, contact us now to find out how we can help you.


My child has benefitted from your tutors academically of course, but also in terms of intellectual curiosity.

I thought your assessor’s constructive feedback was spot on and she had lots of practical and helpful tips which I imagine will be invaluable. I cannot thank her enough for her confidence in Anna and all of the encouragement that she gave both Anna and myself.

Academic Assessments

Get an insight into your child’s academic level.

Kick off your 7+ and 8+ programme with our English and Maths Assessments. You will receive a verbal debrief and written report – a valuable foundation for choosing a new school and your tuition.

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Learn new executive skills in time and revision management, exam technique and prioritisation with a dedicated study skills tutor. Developing these skills at this stage of the educational journey is key to ongoing success in school and beyond.

7+ and 8+ Specialist tutors

We work with an unrivalled network of 7+ and 8+ tutors who are experienced in supporting children in their preparation for competitive exams.

We run tutor training for our dedicated 7+ and 8+ tutors and provide them with exclusive access to 7+ and 8+ resources.

Practice Exams & Interview Practice

Practice Exams: Enjoy Education offer three opportunities to familiarise your child with the formal exam environment in the Autumn Term.
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Interview Practice: We can arrange for an interview-specialist tutor to come to your home for exciting, one-to-one presentation, speech and interview sessions.

Schools Advice

Not sure which school is right for your child? Unsure as to when you need to apply? Work with one of Enjoy Education’s School Advisors who can guide you through the 7+ and 8+ process.

Mock Interviews: Organise a mock interview with an ex-Head of a top independent school.

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Finding your tutor

  • We listen carefully to your needs and provide tailored guidance
  • We work exclusively with passionate, high calibre tutors who have experience preparing students applying to some of the most prestigious schools in the country, including Westminster Under, St Paul’s Juniors, Highgate, Bute House and King’s College School Wimbledon.
  • All our tutors are carefully screened and interviewed in person by the Enjoy Education team
  • Access to up-to-date syllabus and marking expertise
  • Regular updates, monthly progress reports and assessments

We wanted to let you know that we heard from all the independent schools Hannah applied for and they have all offered her a place. We are extremely grateful to you, and to your assessors, and of course the wonderful tutors you sent us. They have all made Hannah’s learning enjoyable and – clearly – effective.

“It’s clear that Enjoy has a clear moral compass and really cares about both its clients and tutors – no wonder their tutoring is as much about mentoring and improving children’s confidence as it is about teaching the nuts and bolts of a particular subject”

Good Schools Guide, 2016
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