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Our top tips and resources for learning from home with Primary children. 

Is your child interested in Geography?

Enquiry-based learning is one of the most powerful tools for engaging children, and keeping them interested by starting learning with a question! For children, this can turn learning into fun exploration.  

Geography is the perfect subject for this question-based learning style. How many cities are there in England? What is the longest river in the UK? How many people are there in London? All these questions can be as big and small as you would like! 

Here are some enquiry-based Geography learning activities you can do from home…

If you have a map of your local area, this is a great enquiry-based learning activity! Ask the children where you should walk from your house today. Then together, you can plan a route for your hour of exercise that day. If you want to stretch your children, see if they can plan a route that they think will have as few other people on it as possible and explain why, thinking about things like walking on one way streets or lanes rather than on the high street, and more. 

You could choose between your local area or somewhere more exotic! Using a few pieces of paper, you can make a small tourist guide of the area that you have chosen. This could include: Five interesting facts about the area, fun local activities, small map, and appealing pictures!

A quick and easy game to play! Choose somewhere in the world (near or far), and start explaining what you would be able to see if you were there. Get your children to guess where in the world you are!

If your child has a keen interest in geography, we have some expert tutors who have worked making incredibly fun, engaging, and educational geography projects tailored to our students. For example, if your child has a fascination about a particular country, one of our tutors would love to create a project around learning about the physical and cultural geography of a country somewhere around the world!


Does the city, town, or village, you live in have an interesting name? Could there be a geographical reason it is called what it is? You could research with your children and find out! (One of our Education Consultants lives in a village called Toppesfield, can you guess why it’s called that?)

Next time you go for a walk, see how many physical geographical features you can spot. You could make it into a competition to see who can spot the most!


There are a huge number of resources out there to make home-learning more efficient and entertaining. Here are some suggestions you might like to take a look at today:

Get inspired!
This website has a stimuli for a range of geography activities – find out what could be your child’s newest area of interest!

Explore the world from your house!

Start a Geography project!
National Geographic Kids is a great place for resoures for a fact-finding mission!

Tip of the day
Remember, learning doesn’t have to happen at a desk! Children can really benefit from experiencing a diverse number of learning environments, so if the weather is good, see if you can take a lesson in the garden!

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