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News 18th August, 2015

Myths from Greece

Dive into history during the holiday

News 13th July, 2015

Enjoy Education Recommended Summer Reading Lists

It's the summer! Time to get stuck into a good book- here are our recommendations.

Insight 17th June, 2015

8 fun things to do on a sunny afternoon in London

You're spoiled for choice for fun things to do in London. Here are our ideas.

Insight 21st May, 2015

Revision Tips: How to get started

Whether you have GCSEs, A Levels or just end of year exams coming up, you’ll no doubt be revving up for some serious revision over the May Half Term. Starting is always the most difficult part of the process, so to ease the pain, here are some top tips for getting going…

News 12th May, 2015

Workshops and Masterclasses for Grown Ups

Unsurprisingly, articles on the Enjoy Education blog tend to focus on children, teenagers and university students, but of course we know that adults love to learn as well.

News 1st May, 2015

The Election in Numbers

Marieke Audsley gives the facts and figures on the 2015 General Election

Insight 24th April, 2015

The curious language of British schools and universities

British schools and universities are teeming with curious words and phrases that have emerged and developed over hundreds of years. In case you are struggling to find the ‘plodge’ or wondering who a ‘beak’ is, here is a little jargon glossary to give you a helping hand…

News 24th April, 2015

Be inspired by the magical Abi Elphinstone!

The wonderful Abi Elphinstone has shared her tips with us on being an author and some brilliant classroom resources for her debut novel, The Dreamsnatcher.

Insight 14th April, 2015

Speedy ways to improve your writing

Our blogger Marieke offers her top tips in getting your writing in top form before exam season

Insight 2nd April, 2015

Easter traditions from around the world

Marieke shares her favourite Easter quirks from lots of different places.

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