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1st March, 2022

Key changes to 2022 exams: How you can support your teenager

What does advance information mean, and how do changes to exams impact my teenager's assessments this year?

23rd February, 2022

Building Exam Confidence: Empathy and Listening

Performance Coach Pepita shares her tips for parents to best support their teenagers to build exam confidence this academic year

17th February, 2022

We’re celebrating our social partnerships and university offer successes!

We’re so proud of four of our students who, supported by our social partnership programme, have been offered places at Cambridge, Oxford and LSE.

3rd February, 2022

Guest Blog: Reading stories and the impact on children's wellbeing

Children's author Clare Luther shares her insights on the positive impact of reading stories together

2nd February, 2022

Celebrating Children's Mental Health Awareness Week

We've partnered with Happy Space to bring you resources and top tips to support your child's mental wellbeing

28th January, 2022

Supporting teenagers to thrive post-mocks

Performance Coach Pepita shares her advice for supporting your teen following mock exams

19th January, 2022

Choosing GCSE, A-Level and IB options

The most common questions and advice from our Careers and University Advisor Sarah

20th December, 2021

What does it mean to home-school through Enjoy?

Addressing the most common misconceptions about home-schooling, and the power of a bespoke education

14th December, 2021

Guest blog: How to foster happy motivated learners

Elaine Halligan, London Director of The Parent Practice, shares her advice for parents on supporting children to become happy learners

23rd November, 2021

Learning about my daughter’s ADHD, and how we can better support our children

Alison Gleeson, Founder of Raising Parents, discusses her experiences learning about her daughter's ADHD, and shares her advice for parents

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