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Insight News 1st April, 2020

What should I consider when creating a good home classroom?

Our Head of Home-schooling and Relocation, Felicia, gives her advice on setting up an effective home classroom

Insight 29th March, 2020

Lockdown challenges: Fun suggestions and activities to add variety to your day

Home learning suggestions from our 11+ Education Consultant, Rhiannon Drake

Insight News 27th March, 2020

Ten things that Enjoy Education have learned this week

In a week where schools have closed, everyone has been finding their new normal, our CEO and Founder Kate Shand has been advising parents on the BBC, the Enjoy Team have really learned a lot and we wanted to share our learns with you

26th March, 2020

More home learning activities with Rhiannon Drake

It’s important to remember that no-one will have had the perfect first week, and if you “gave up” half way through, it doesn’t matter! Start again today.

Insight 24th March, 2020

How can you and your children make the best use of this time at home?

Resource suggestions, thoughts and tips from our 11+ Consultant, Rhiannon Drake

18th February, 2020

Primary school places

Question: I’m moving house – will my daughter miss out on a primary school place?  Vivienne Durham offers her top tips.

Insight 15th April, 2018

Creating creativity: is arts education elitist?

Bella Audsley discusses the conversation around arts education and elitism.

Insight 16th February, 2018

A picture of health? Mental health issues in children

We discuss how to best support a child's mental health.

Insight 18th January, 2018

Brain games to boost memory skills and promote our children’s success

Fun and games to train their brains.

Insight 5th January, 2018

Home-schooling: A journey back to school

Bella Audsley explores the rising trend of home-schooling and its place in the school system.

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