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News 30th January, 2017

Revision and Study Skills Workshop for Parents

Find out about our event.

News Press 17th November, 2016

Chosen the wrong degree? What are the options?

Vivienne Durham gives expert advice on what to do when your path changes.

News Press 3rd November, 2016

Do universities favour grammar or comprehensive school pupils?

Vivienne Durham gives her two-cents on choosing between grammar schools and comprehensives.

News 22nd October, 2016

A whole lot of half term fun!

We give our ideas on how to make the best use of your half term break.

News 4th October, 2016

Homework: Working hard or hardly working?

Is homework really that important? Let's explore.

Insight News 28th September, 2016

Top Tips from ‘Demystifying the 11+, 13+ and Pre-tests’

Some exclusive insights with you from our fantastic ‘Demystifying the 11+, 13+ and Pre-tests’ event

News Press 1st September, 2016

Does tutoring reflect badly on schools?

Our CEO Kate chats to The Resident about how tutoring can complement mainstream schooling.

Insight News 4th August, 2016

How to choose what to study at university

Vivienne Durham gives expert advice on how to decide your university subject.

News Press 1st July, 2016

A Testing Time: Ten top tips when preparing for SATs

Is it right to test young children? And, if it is, how do you reduce the pressure on children so they continue to enjoy going to school?

News Press 27th June, 2016

Help with school decisions

Question: How can I be sure I am choosing the right school for my daughter?

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