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Insight Press 27th October, 2016

Business or economics: How can I help my son choose which A Levels to take?

Vivienne Durham weighs up different A Level subject options

News 22nd October, 2016

A whole lot of half term fun!

We give our ideas on how to make the best use of your half term break.

Insight 17th October, 2016

Improve your child’s learning ability with exercise

Charlie Hagan discusses the benefits of exercise for your child’s brain.

Insight Press 13th October, 2016

Planning to study medicine? Should you choose IB or A Levels?

Vivienne Durham gives expert advice on bagging a coveted medicine place at university.

Insight Press 6th October, 2016

How to encourage motivation for learning

Vivienne Durham gives expert advice on how to motivate your children to learn

News 4th October, 2016

Homework: Working hard or hardly working?

Is homework really that important? Let's explore.

Insight Press 1st October, 2016

Building a creative curriculum

How a creative curriculum is key to developing lifelong learners.

Insight Press 1st October, 2016

Inspiring confidence: Ben Thomas’s top tips to prepare for senior school

Ben Thomas, Headmaster of Thomas’s in Battersea, on how best to prepare your child for the 11+, 13+, senior school and beyond.

Insight Press 29th September, 2016

Will prep school increase my son’s chances of getting a place at a top grammar school?

Prep schools, as their name implies, excel in preparing pupils for independent schools, especially those which are academically selective.

Insight News 28th September, 2016

Top Tips from ‘Demystifying the 11+, 13+ and Pre-tests’

Some exclusive insights with you from our fantastic ‘Demystifying the 11+, 13+ and Pre-tests’ event

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