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Insight Press 11th February, 2016

Should I pay for prep school or tutoring?

Vivienne Durham gives expert advice on the value of prep school.

Insight Press 4th February, 2016

School Registration: How soon is too soon to plan your newborn’s education?

Vivienne Durham gives expert advice on how soon, if ever, is too soon to think about your child's education.

News 8th January, 2016

Enjoy Education Takes on London Headmistress to Help Parents Navigate the School System

We appointed Vivienne Durham, previously the award-winning Headmistress of Francis Holland School in Regent’s Park, to lead our Schools Advisory Service.

Insight Press 1st January, 2016

History Lesson: Comparing the classroom

How different is the modern day classroom compared to 100 years ago – and does it prepare our children for what lies ahead?

News Press 1st December, 2015

Christmas Cheer: Promoting happy children

A recent study states our children are some of the unhappiest in the world. So how do we put a smile back on their faces?

News 30th September, 2015

Educational activities for 8- to 11-year-olds

Our suggestions for how to keep your young ones entertained and learning.

Insight 22nd September, 2015

How to pick a prep school

We provide some inside information on a few of the Prep Schools that you might be looking at.

Insight 15th September, 2015

Choosing a Senior School

A handy guide to help your decision process

News 10th September, 2015

Worried about the 11+, 13+ or pre-tests? We have the event for you!

‘Demystifying the 11+, Pre-tests and 13+ Entrance Exams: Preparing Your Child for Senior School

News 7th September, 2015

Unleash your creative side! Ideas on how to get your children drawing.

Professional artist Venetia Norris gives her tips on how to bring out your child's artistic side.

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