GCSE & A Level Subject Springboards

Is your teenager studying for their GCSEs, A Levels or IB exams?

We’re supporting students this summer to start the new year with confidence, closing learning gaps, getting to grips with tricky concepts and and building the right skills to succeed in their exams this year.

How we can support your teenager this summer

GCSE, A Level or IB catchup

Subject-specific catch-up programmes to help students fill gaps where learning has been missed or disrupted

Getting ahead with the GCSE, A Level and IB syllabus

Mastering key content and ideas covered in the upcoming academic year to start September on the front foot

Performance & study skills coaching

Helping students develop the skills and mindset to tackle a busy academic year with confidence

A Level and next steps support

Working with student to help them identify the right next steps for them, including advice on the best A Levels to take for specific university courses

University applications

Working closely with students to help them identify the universities and courses to apply to in the UK, US and globally, and supporting students to write and refine their personal statements. Take a look below at our advice for using this summer wisely to craft an application that stands out

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Support in building knowledge, developing passions and and developing great learning habits

A-Level, Pre-U, IB

Empowering students to develop their abilities in critical thinking & independent learning

UCAS Applications: What can I be doing this summer to help my application?

Our top tips for using your summer to enhance your UCAS application

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