31st October, 2023

University skills: How to write a great university essay

Writing your first essay at university? Take a look at our advice for writing an excellent academic essay here.

30th October, 2023

University skills: Making the most of university resources

Starting University and not sure how to make the best use of the resources on offer? Private Tuition team member Ariana shares her advice

27th October, 2023

What's it like to home-school with Enjoy Education?

Our Head of Home-schooling Libby shares her insights into the experience of home-schooling with Enjoy Education.

18th October, 2023

How to prepare for the 11+ in the final few weeks

Enjoy's top tips for getting ready for the 11+, Pre-test and CAT4 in the final run up to exams.

16th October, 2023

How do I choose the right university?

Thinking ahead to university? University specialist Hugo shares his top things to think about when making your decision where to apply.

12th October, 2023

How to use October half term effectively

Our top 5 tips for making the most of the upcoming half-term

10th October, 2023

A Levels or IB?

Not sure which path to take? Specialist Consultant Beatriz discusses the differences and what to consider.

9th October, 2023

University skills: How to reference

Wondering how to use different referencing styles to accurately cite your sources? Take a look at our handy guide.

6th October, 2023

Dyslexia Awareness Week: Our Director of Education Dominic shares his story

Our Director of Education Dominic shares his story and advice for families, drawing on how personal journey with dyslexia