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Insight News 5th June, 2020

Learning from home – back to school!

Our top tips and resources for Primary children heading back to school

Heading back to school… for some!

Life in the world of Primary education continues to move apace! In line with the government’s announcement in May, the gradual easing of lockdown has continued with the first pupils beginning to return to school at the start of this week. Reception, Year 1, and Year 6 have been allowed back to school first, as well as Nursery children.

For parents, this change has seen a wide range of responses and concerns – all of which are understandable! At Enjoy Education, we want to support you and your children every step of the way, whether your children have re-started school, or you’re continuing to home-educate – even if you have a mix of the two!

One of the main concerns we’ve heard voiced is knowing whether your child is still on track academically for where they should be next September. Assessing which level students are academically, and how we can help them in light of this, is at the core of our Primary level support philosophy. Our Primary team have a wealth of experience supporting students to reach their potential, as do our team of specialist advisors and Primary tutors. We are always available to talk to parents, so please contact our Primary Education Consultant Tara if you would find this helpful.

Here are a few top tips for returning to school (or not!) …


Whilst you may have had a productive lockdown routine in place for your children over the past few months, this may differ to their normal school routine. Try and ease back into familiar patterns, otherwise bedtimes and earlier mornings may feel like a bit of a battlefield!


Many children may be dealing with some level of stress and anxiety about going back to school – find out what worries them by asking them directly. Normalising experiences of worry and nerves will help them understand others feel the same way, and feel positive that they will subside once they have settled back into school life.

Here are some strategies and tips to make the transition a positive experience


There’s still a lot of uncertainty at the moment, and every child will react different to the change in routine. If you do have concerns, talk to your school. Everyone is trying to be as flexible as possible during this period, and will be happy to help!


Try and make your mornings as relaxed as possible. Small things, like having things for the morning set out the night before, can make a big difference – no one wants to be rushing around last minute trying to find a lost shoe or book-bag! This will keep tensions lower, and put your children in the right frame of mind to learn.

‘The secret to getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one.’

Mark Twain


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